Hey! I'm Taylor

I'm a born and raised Islander off the coast of Vancouver, BC. I'm a mom, a wife, and famously known for picking up a new hobby every other week. Knitting, needle punch, crochet, you name it! I like to work with my hands on my spare time!

I graduated a full esthetics program back in 2015 and do nails on my off season, but am super passionate about creating with couples and families to help immortalize their beautiful moments in time.

Whether that be weddings, maternity, newborn, family or even an empowerment session for just yourself, I am your girl!

I have been on Vancouver Island my whole life, and lived in a mainly female household so sisters and family have always been important parts of my life and support system!

I'm married to my high school sweetheart, and we have welcomed a baby girl named Lily back in 2021 and have never felt such love until she came into our world. We hope to expand our family more one day, but until then we are loving life with our wild child and watching her grow!

I am a photographer, yes, but I'm really more than just that. I am here to be your best friend, To hype you up and to encourage you for whatever reason. I'm the kind of person that will clean during a party even if its not my own. So you bet I'll fluff your dress!

I've pinned many boutonnieres, carried many veils, laughed with many bridesmaids, and shed tears alongside the moms of the bride and groom. Ive laughed with many families, coo'd over many newborns and wondered over many baby bumps.