What's the booking process?

Curious what to do next? Fill in the form below for an inquiry, and make sure to include as much info as you can about what you're looking for!

You'll also see more step by step info below the inquiry form!

Important Note for 2024 Couples!

I am not taking on any weddings for this season as I am on Maternity Leave. Please feel free to reach out with any questions regardless!

I'll hopefully be taking regular sessions starting in June so if you're looking for photos to get done this summer definitely still reach out :)

For families, please include number of family members!

Booking a Wedding?


Submit an inquiry form.

This gives me the basic info about your wedding day and what you're looking for! Especially if I'm available for your date or not.


We book a video chat.

This allows us to skip all the time back and forth In emails and lets us get to know each other! It also helps me quote you how long you'll need me based on the events you want covered!


I send a quote.

After chatting and going over details, I send an agreement and an invoice for the quoted amount of time we discussed.


We book the damn thing!

Once you pay your retainer and sign your agreement you're booked and we get to create awesome memories together!

Booking a Session


Submit an inquiry form.

Tell me what type of session you're looking for and a rough date that you'd like to do the session!


We confirm dates and fee's

Together we figure out a date and I send over an agreement and an invoice for your session.

Retainers and agreements must be paid and completed to confirm a session


We get together and create magic!

The rest is history, and we have a blast together creating amazing memories!